You’ve got a story in you.
Let’s get it told.

Stories are important.

You feel it  — the drive to tell great stories is primal. It's something we're all born knowing.

But it takes time to actually get in the zone and do it.

Most days, you're just too busy.

As a thought leader, you've got killer stories.

But you're also busy running things.

Which means writing the memoir, or starting the newsletter, or crafting the essay keeps slipping down the ever-expanding to-do list.

I get it.

(I'm an entrepreneur too, after all.)

How many times have you said, “I’m tired of procrastinating — I have to get this story written?”

How many times have you said it today?

Book Time

You’ve got the stories in you. Let's get them told. Together.

The world needs your story.

And doing it with someone else — an accountability partner — means you'll actually get it done.

You've got a story in mind.

Tell me about it. Here's how we can work together:

Write Your Book

I'll interview you and then ghostwrite your book or memoir, or I can provide support in the form of book coaching, story consultation, or editing. My depth of experience meeting yours makes this a rewarding and transformative, feel-fabulous process.

Start Your Newsletter

I'll interview you to generate great, personalized content in the form of blogs, newsletters, or essays. Creating useful, time-pegged, narrative content means more constant contact with clients or friends of your brand. When they feel connected, your business wins.

Craft Your Brand Story

Centering your customer's needs is at the heart of every successful story a brand tells. We can also talk big-picture communication strategy, content calendars, and email campaigns.

Coach Your Project Along

Creative consultations are available for branding, content strategy, television, technical writing, scripts, novels, memoirs, speaking engagements, or any other type of written-down story you’re interested in creating.

Book Time!

If you’re an entrepreneur, artist, actor, or someone else with a story for the world: Let's talk.

When your unique genius for business (or art) (or theater) meets my genius for crafting narrative and creating scenes that resonate — it’s a magical process.

I’ve helped dozens of clients refine and shape stories that are transformative.

If you’ve found your way to me and you’ve read this far: You’re called to tell a story.

Here's a secret every writer knows: 

Making the commitment to start the thing is the biggest hurdle.

I'll help you clear it.

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What my clients say

"What I appreciate about Angela is that not only is she a masterful wordsmith and writer, but she’s also very knowledgeable about starting businesses. She’s been there and knows what a journey it is. She’s creative, a great listener and open to going with the flow. I highly recommend working with Angela and her team to create your platform and message!"

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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."