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What My Clients Say


"Angela was a superb interviewer. She created a piece on meaningful aspects of my life, that drew great response on social media. Angela was an absolute pleasure to work with!"

- Joel Solomon (Founder, Renewal Funds)


"What I appreciate about Angela is that not only is she a masterful wordsmith and writer, but she’s also very knowledgeable about starting businesses. She’s been there and knows what a journey it is. She’s creative, a great listener and open to going with the flow. I highly recommend working with Angela and her team to create your platform and message!"

Kim Carpenter (Founder, People at the Center)


“Angela was an absolute joy to work with in developing our Human Rights Guide. She is professional, reliable and insightful. Angela brings an invaluable set of skills, weaving her expertise in human rights, social equity and inclusion with her rare ability to articulate deeply technical content in a way that is both approachable and respectful. Angela’s writing style is clear and inviting, and she went above and beyond for us, pulling back the curtain on her process: In true nonviolent communication style, Angela developed a Tone of Voice document, reflecting back to us her understanding of the values underlying our Guide and the way we wanted to communicate it. We worked together on refining this document, which served not only as an explicit articulation of our shared understanding for this project, but also as a foundational piece of our team’s internal communications materials, guiding us in other projects as well. Angela showed up to all team calls, even those that focused less on her piece of the work, listening in order to better understand the broader context. Angela engaged proactively in suggesting ways to articulate concepts that helped us think outside of the box, and she undertook massive amounts of work in translating our nearly 200-page document into more accessible language within a matter of weeks, and efficiently responding to our review – and she did all of this work extremely well. I wholeheartedly recommend Angela as a valuable addition to any team.”

- Allison Martin (Strategy Analyst, The Nature Conservancy)


"Our day-to-day lives are busy, and it is hard to see the progress we make. It was a pleasure to speak with Angela and to reflect on how far I've come. The interview was a delight and I felt uplifted reflecting on my past decade."

- Nat Cartwright (Founder and COO, Finn AI)


“Working with Angela was a pleasure, instructive, fun and efficient. I have been writing a story about my travels and tech adventures with friends around the world, and at some point, I knew I needed some very specific help. Help that would take things from raw to refined, from complex to articulate to simple to digest. Basically, I needed help to make it all happen. Angela was right there at the right time with the right advice and the perfect execution. Priceless help, achieving in a short time all I expected and way more. Angela was creative, passionate, dedicated, hard working and reliable. I would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone going through the adventure of writing, and needing that backup to make that adventure all fun and successful."

- Riad Hartani (Founder, Xona Partners)


"Angela is fabulous and wonderful and awesome. I trust her completely. I've never had so many wonderful comments, and we’re even getting new clients because of the newsletter. One client has been with me for 15 years as a bookkeeping client. And after reading the stories I've written with Angela, now he tells me, 'My wife and I want to set up a budget with you.'”

- Monica Ross (Founder, Virtual Bookkeeping)


"Angela has a truly authentic approach to drawing out interesting memories and stories in order to showcase individuals in a unique way."

- Jill Earthy (Principal, Risery and CEO, Women's Enterprise Centre BC)


"Angela is organized, easy to talk to, great questions, dialed in. She's a star."

- Merideth Schutter (Founder, PROtect)


"Angela’s ability to both allow a conversation to be natural, even casual, while still being probing is a critical asset. What she does then with that content is where the second half of that magic occurs. One of the most telling comments about my interview came from another, non-mutual friend, who remarked that a single sentence she wrote summed me up so completely and perfectly that it was, 'the most accurate sentence I’ve ever read about a person.' Angela’s work, process, and talent combined to even tell my story in a fresh way. That’s notable because I’m someone she’s known for more than three decades and yet we spoke about and I felt heard on things we’d somehow never really spoken on. I’d like to also speak to even the project as a whole and Angela’s ambition to create and execute it. On the day of release I was humbled to be among such a large, interesting, and powerful set of people. But as I read through them I was additionally humbled by how Angela wove themes and allowed them all to stand apart and together. It speaks to the organization of the project, but it also speaks to her intelligent conscience to have selected not only the subjects but found such incredible threads to stitch together. It’s a project that in its total should say more about its creator than the many participants - and yet they are the ones who shine."

- Dean Browell (Founder and President, Feedback Agency)


"Wow! Angela is a terrific communicator and writer; I love her work."

- Jonathan Rhone (CEO, Axine Water Technologies)


"Angela's a brilliant writer and thinker. She asked the coolest detail questions and really listened; her attention felt like a sparkly love cloud surrounding me. She made sure to run the story by me before publication to get every detail right, and she made every change and small correction I suggested (there weren't many). Angela is a treasure. Your story will be very well-tended in her extremely capable hands. She makes people blossom like flowers on the page."

- Samia Mounts (actress and VO artist)


"Angela's approach to an interview is very conversational and thoughtful. Not only did I feel seen and heard but also that she was sincerely interested in the story I had to tell."

- Erin Robertson (Founder, Pilates With Erin)


"I don't think I have ever had such a gratifying (and fun!) interview in my life! Also — and perhaps more important than fulfillment and enjoyment — I trusted Angela wholeheartedly and knew that A) I could answer her mindful questions from a place of truth, but that B) when I asked to keep some topics off the record, that she would wholly respect me and my wishes."

- Uriel Malak (Founder and Principal, Ryan Brewer Studio)


"I was very happy with how the story came out and Angela is so easy to talk to and is so accepting that it’s very easy to open up and talk about even difficult subject matter."

- Kelley Davis (actress, The Good Lord Bird, It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood)


"I felt like Angela truly valued representing my story accurately, not just by getting the details correct, but also by ensuring the tone and message of the story reflected my feelings toward it. I also felt that she was careful to be fair to the other people in my story, treating them as complicated human beings with flaws and redeeming qualities rather than as if they were merely characters in the story I was telling."

- Jessica Stephens (journalist, freelance writer and editor)


"I loved connecting with Angela, and my story was received VERY well. A lot of people shared it which was a good sign of her writing!!! I loved hearing her perspective and point of view, and how she connected the dots."

- Brian Hampton (actor and playwright)


"I don't have a ton of time to sit and think about what I do, or have done; it's, like, shoving fire jumpers out of the plane, usually. It's helpful and instructive to really have to answer questions about my work, and then to read about others who went through a similar set of questions and conversations, and see where they came out."

- Sarah D. Bunting (Founder, Exhibit B Books,, Extra Hot Great, Television Without Pity)


"Angela is a wonderful wordsmith. She listened with empathy and curiosity which helped me be less guarded about parts of my story that others might judge. I was glad to see how she celebrated all of me!"

- Adam Maurer (Founder, Moontower Counseling)


"Angela takes an interest in the organization beyond her role, and would often make constructive suggestions for improving work processes. She is an intellectually engaged woman, who is interested in a wide range of issues, from politics to religion and social justice. I found her to be a critical and creative thinker who is deeply committed to progressive causes and non-profit work. She speaks up for what she believes in, yet does so in a respectful and inclusive manner. Intelligent and details-oriented with a keen ear for language and grammar, she is a meticulous reader who ultimately cares very much about the product and about correct and exact usage."

- David Zinczenko (Editor-in-Chief, Men's Health, The Abs Diet)

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