Ghostwritten Memoir for a Serial Entrepreneur

The Challenge

This entrepreneur had long suspected he had a book in him about the wild experiences he has encountered in his life, but he didn’t know how to get started. He had a hesitancy around releasing some of the stories, but he was driven to share how he'd climbed from a dark space and created a life he was proud of, in the hopes it might inspire someone else who is grappling with a dark period of their lives.

My client's partner continually suggested to him that he write the book now, while everything that happened to him is still fresh in his mind. He agreed, but being a busy entrepreneur at the height of his career, he continually encountered obstacles to getting started on his book.

The Insight

By working regularly with an accountability partner (me!) who helps him keep this project at or near the top of his to-do list, he found he was more than capable of getting the stories out, which it turns out he remembers in rich, gorgeous detail. His book, which he’s always wanted to write, is now going to get finished, and it's going to be brilliant — because he's brilliant.


The Result

He’s feeling empowered about the storytelling process as our work together has demystified the work of how the book is going to get made. And now: the book is getting made.